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Lifter's Name Adam Mcwhinnie Gender M
Club Ox Weightlifting Club State WA
Coach Jay Saxton Matt Wilson
Age Group Under 15 Weightlifting Age 15 (Born 2006)

Personal Bests


Competition History

WWA Under 15 & Youth Championships + July Open Competition87.20(+1) 47(+3) 66(+4) 11319/07/2020132.577UNGRADED
Grizzly's88.60(+6) 53(+4) 70(+10) 12315/08/2020143.275UNGRADED
AWF Online Cup88.40(+4) 57(+7) 77(+11) 1345/11/2020156.247UNGRADED
O4K #287.35(+6) 63(+-2) 75(+4) 13821/11/2020161.782UNGRADED
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards87.50607713714/12/2020160.485UNGRADED
Wolf Pack88.40(+2) 65(+6) 83(+10) 14830/01/2021172.571UNGRADED
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition89.00(+5) 70(+7) 90(+12) 16021/03/2021186.002K
WA State U15/17s & Modified Session88.65(+5) 75(+5) 95(+10) 17016/05/2021197.974J
AWF Youth & Under 15 Championships88.7075901654/07/2021192.103K
WWA Junior, Under 23, Seniors & Open90.30(+1) 76(+0) 95(+1) 17124/07/2021197.529K

Competition Attempts

WWA Under 15 & Youth Championships + July Open Competition87.20404447606466476611319/07/2020
AWF Online Cup88.4055576170727757771345/11/2020
O4K #287.35606365757578637513821/11/2020
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards87.50555760757577607713714/12/2020
Wolf Pack88.40596265757983658314830/01/2021
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition89.00626670838790709016021/03/2021
WA State U15/17s & Modified Session88.65707575909595759517016/05/2021
AWF Youth & Under 15 Championships88.7070758090959575901654/07/2021
WWA Junior, Under 23, Seniors & Open90.30727678909595769517124/07/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events984%82%83%
Higher Events (National/International)267%67%67%
All Events (Overall)1182%79%80%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 10 events-2kg - 8 events
When missedN/A-2kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ63M89WAUnder 1520/Jun/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
SNATCH46M89WAUnder 1520/Jun/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
TOTAL109M89WAUnder 1520/Jun/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
TOTAL113M89WAUnder 1519/Jul/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
SNATCH47M89WAUnder 1519/Jul/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
CJ66M89WAUnder 1519/Jul/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
CJ70M89WAUnder 1515/Aug/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH53M89WAUnder 1515/Aug/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL123M89WAUnder 1515/Aug/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL138M89WAUnder 1521/Nov/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH63M89WAUnder 1521/Nov/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
CJ75M89WAUnder 1521/Nov/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
CJ77M89WAUnder 1514/Dec/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL137M89WAUnder 1514/Dec/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL148M89WAUnder 1530/Jan/2021Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
CJ83M89WAUnder 1530/Jan/2021Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
SNATCH65M89WAUnder 1530/Jan/2021Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
SNATCH70M89WAUnder 1521/Mar/2021Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
CJ90M89WAUnder 1521/Mar/2021Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
TOTAL160M89WAUnder 1521/Mar/2021Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
TOTAL170M89WAUnder 1516/May/2021Current Record
CJ95M89WAUnder 1516/May/2021Current Record
CJ95M89AWFUnder 1516/May/2021Current Record
SNATCH75M89WAUnder 1516/May/2021Current Record
SNATCH76M96WAUnder 1524/Jul/2021Current Record
CJ95M96WAUnder 1524/Jul/2021Current Record
TOTAL171M96WAUnder 1524/Jul/2021Current Record
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